Women that wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery generally play an important role in making decision about the type of implant that will be placed during the procedure. For many, the most important choice they make is the implant size. Although this decision is usually made with the help of a plastic surgeon, selecting the appropriately sized implant is not an exact science. Some women may have difficulty conveying their goals, some women may change their mind after surgery and wish that they had gone larger or smaller (requiring implant revision surgery), and some women may need two different sized implants placed in each breast.
Breast Implant Sizes and Profiles - Dr Mark Deuber
Breast implants come in various sizes, projections, shapes, and textures; this allows surgeons to select an implant that will best fit the patient’s body type and cosmetic goals. In order to decide which size is right for you, patients should spend time discussing their aesthetic goals and perceived flaws with their surgeons. Women should also spend some time trying on different sized implants in the doctor’s office so you can see which sizes feel comfortable and provide the desired appearance. Finally, if your breasts are asymmetrical, your surgeon can determine how to balance out the breasts by choosing two implants of different sizes.

Implant Size Ranges

The two major medical companies that manufacture FDA-approved implants for U.S. patients, Mentor Corporation and Allergan’s Natrelle, offer implants in standard sizes ranging from about 100 cc to 800 cc. Because breast implants are measured in cc (cubic centimeter) units, it is difficult for many women to determine which size they need to achieve an A, B, C, or D cup. Further, a 350 cc implant in one woman may result in a small C cup while the same implant placed in another woman may result in a full C or small D cup. That is why it is so important to consult a qualified plastic surgeon that can guide you in choosing the implant that is right for you.

According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in 2009, the most popular implant sizes are 300 cc to 400 cc implants. About 80 percent of patients choose implants in this size range, which typically results in a small C to large C cup.

Breast Implant Profiles

When patients undergo breast augmentation surgery, the procedure can be personalized to the women’s cosmetic goals and physiology. The implant that each woman has placed will vary based on the type of filler, size, shape, and profile that she chooses. Breast implant profile refers to the forward projection of the implant. The breast implant manufacturers, Allergan and Mentor Corp., offer breast implants in the following profile sizes:

  • High Profile: high profile implants have more forward projection than moderate and low profile implants. High profile implants are ideal in small-framed women that want large implants.
  • Moderate Plus Profile: moderate plus profile implants are only offered by Mentor Corp., and offer a profile that projects more than the moderate profile, but less than the high profile implant.
  • Moderate Profile: moderate profile implants are the standard profile implant that have been available to consumers for decades.
  • Low Profile: low profile implants are ideal for women that want to fill out their breasts but do not need much forward projection.

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