Excessively large breasts can be painful both physically and emotionally. Sufferers complain of neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Women with too much volume in their breasts often can’t wear the clothes that they’d like or even find bras that fit. Emotionally, large breasts may make a women feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in her own skin. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to reduce the size of your breasts and tighten the skin envelope in order to lift your nipple back to a higher, more natural, and more youthful looking position on the chest wall. It has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of any aesthetic procedure due to its ability to completely transform your entire torso as well as your self-confidence.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Deuber, is adamant about delivering the highest quality patient experience for his Dallas area and beyond patients. While a huge component of this is an exemplary aesthetic result, the most overlooked element is the recovery. As a practitioner of the 24 hour recovery breast augmentation, Dr. Deuber applies the same principles of cutting-edge technique, meticulous planning and attention to detail to his breast reduction procedures so that there is less trauma to the tissues, a faster recovery and a reduced risk of post operative complications. The end result is a happier patient.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure to address all three of the components that affect the size, shape and appearance of your breasts. These include the: 

  • Skin envelope
  • Glandular tissue
  • Nipple position

Similar to a breast lift in terms of the incision placement and lifting the nipple areolar complex back to a higher position on the chest wall, in breast reduction surgery, Dr. Deuber will also remove excess glandular tissue. This volume or weight is what pulls on the the skin envelope of the breast causing it to sag or droop. With breast reduction surgery, Dr. Deuber creates a smaller, more lifted and more youthful looking breast that is in proportion to the rest of your body. At its core, this is the goal with any breast surgery — to return your body contour to a state of harmony.

Get a Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation with Dr. Deuber

As with all aesthetic procedures, it is vital to schedule an in-person breast reduction surgery consultation. While some patients may be a candidate to have this procedure covered by their insurance, Dr. Deuber does not accept insurance and only performs cosmetic breast reduction surgery. During your consultation, he will listen closely to what bothers you about your breasts. He will then perform a thorough physical examination, taking precise measurements, to assess the:

  • Amount and location of excess breast volume
  • Degree of loose, sagging skin
  • Nipple position in relation to the inframammary fold or crease beneath the breast

The ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery is any women in good overall health, who is within 10 lbs. of a maintainable goal weight, does not smoke, and who is unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts. As breast reduction surgery may affect your ability to breastfeed and the weight gain of pregnancy can adversely affect your results, Dr. Deuber will have an in-depth discussion regarding breast reduction surgery if you are still planning to have children.


Understanding Breast Reduction Scars

One of the many benefits of seeing Dr. Deuber for your breast reduction surgery is that he will be completely honest with you about the pros and cons of surgery. While a breast reduction will:

  • Improve the look and feel of your breasts
  • Reduce neck, shoulder and back pain
  • Diminish shoulder grooving from your bra straps
  • Clear up any redness or rash that results from skin chafing beneath the breasts
  • Address asymmetry
  • Allow you to wear the clothes that you would like
  • Boost your self-confidence

Breast reduction surgery will result in scars. Fear of these incision lines on the breast is probably the single biggest deterrent for patients when it comes to a breast reduction. However, Dr. Deuber’s expertise and meticulous planning create the most inconspicuous scars possible. Furthermore, scars on the breast heal extremely well. It will take about a year for them to lighten and smooth out, but most breast reduction surgery patients find that any remaining scar is well worth the benefits.

What are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As with all of his breast surgery procedures, Dr. Deuber uses precise electro-cautery dissection, which allows him to cauterize the blood vessels before cutting. This technique results in virtually no bleeding, minimal swelling and significantly less postoperative pain. For his breast reduction surgery patients, this translates to a much faster recovery. As someone who began his career on Wall Street, Dr. Deuber understands the benefits of the efficiency model, and that time taken for recovery is a cost. It’s part of the Deuber difference. Furthermore, time is many busy women’s most precious commodity. With his unique surgical technique, you will be back to normal activities almost immediately.

Dr. Deuber is also meticulous. He plans every aspect of a procedure before he ever steps foot in the operating room. This not only reduces the risk of complications, but it delivers a superior aesthetic result. This attention to detail coupled with his keen artistic eye gives him the ability to look at a patient and know exactly what she needs in order to look fantastic. Best of all, his aesthetic is always classic so not only will your result look natural, but it will also stand the test of time

Dr Mark Deuber MD Breast Reduction Before and After2

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Breast Reduction Procedure Overview

Dr. Deuber performs most of his breast reduction surgery procedures under general anesthesia at Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center, his on-site, state-certified and fully accredited day surgery center in Dallas. He begins the surgery by making an incision around the nipple, down the center of the breast and in the crease beneath the breast. He then removes any excess glandular tissue, and re-tailors the breast envelope in order to lift your nipple areolar complex back to a higher, more natural looking position. Last, he closes your incisions with absorbable sutures and steri-strips which will need to stay in place for 10 days. From start to finish, breast reduction surgery will take anywhere from 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

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Why Choose a Breast Lift with Dr. Deuber

 As with his unique 24 hour recovery breast augmentation, Dr. Deuber uses the electro-cautery technique during his breast lift procedures which allows him to cauterize the blood vessels prior to cutting. This means that his breast lift operations have:

  • Virtually no bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Significantly less post operative pain

Less trauma to the tissues of the breast means that you will have a much faster recovery. In general, breast lift patients can start returning to their normal activities within 24 hours.

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery Process

After surgery, you may experience some swelling, numbness and discomfort. This is normal. Generally, these side effects peak about 36 hours following surgery. However, all of these symptoms should dissipate in a couple of weeks. Some patients may lose feeling in their nipples. Typically, this will improve with time, but it may take up to a year so patience is important.

While Dr. Deuber asks that his breast reduction patients avoid strenuous exercise for 3 weeks, he does want you moving and stretching both your arms and your shoulders as quickly as possible. Not only will this reduce any post operative discomfort, but it will allow your breasts to soften and settle into their final position more quickly. One of the nice things about breast reduction surgery, however, is that you will notice the improvement in your body contour immediately. For some patients, it is the first time in their life that they’ve gone without a bra, and the joy that they feel is indescribable. So, if you’ve been dying to rock that lacy camisole, come in and speak with us about breast reduction surgery. It is truly a life changing procedure.

To find out more about a breast reduction with Dr. Mark Deuber at Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, contact us today or call 214-220-2712 to schedule a consultation.