Normal lifetime events such as pregnancy and weight gain/loss can exact a toll on the skin and tissues of your breast, stretching out the skin envelope. This causes your nipple areola complex to fall, and the end result is drooping, sagging breasts. A breast lift or mastopexy is a surgical procedure to lift your nipple back to a higher, more natural and youthful looking position on the chest wall. Some patients may be reluctant to embrace a breast lift because they are under the mistaken assumption that it is a more complicated surgery than a breast augmentation. It is not.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Deuber, has devoted his career to achieving the highest quality results for his Dallas area and beyond patients. The most over-looked component of an exemplary outcome, by most plastic surgeons, is the recovery. Dr. Deuber, however, utilizes a different surgical technique in all of his breast lift procedures that results in significantly less trauma to the tissues so that there is almost very little bruising or bleeding, no drains and very little downtime. A faster recovery reduces your risk of post-operative complications and allows you to easily schedule a breast lift into your busy life. This awareness that time is precious is part of the Deuber difference.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is exactly as it sounds. Loose, sagging skin is excised in order to tighten the breast envelope, giving your breasts the appearance of being in a bra even when they’re not. Lifting a breast is not about cup size. It’s about creating a beautiful breast by putting your nipple back where it is supposed to be. Dr. Deuber has an excellent artistic eye for this procedure. Furthermore, his precise measurement system allows him to place your breasts in the exact right spot for your unique anatomy.

Normal life events such as:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Menopause
  • Age

These can all weaken the skin envelope that supports your breasts. Without the necessary support, the nipple areola complex starts to drop towards the floor. Since a youthful looking breast is a perky breast, a breast lift is a great procedure for rejuvenating your entire torso. It will not only make you look better, but, more importantly, it will make you feel better. Breast lift patients often come in for their post operative appointments saying that they feel more energetic, healthy and vital.

Though similar in technique to a breast reduction, a breast lift does not reduce the volume in your breasts. In fact, for patients with sagging breasts who also desire a bit more volume, Dr. Deuber will often combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation. The right procedure for you is going to depend entirely on your individual anatomy, lifestyle and goals.

Get a Breast Lift Consultation with Dr. Deuber

Thanks to the internet, patients are more aware and educated about plastic surgery than at any other time in history. This is a good thing. But just because a procedure worked for your favorite social media influencer does not mean that it is right for you. That’s why it is so important to schedule an in-person breast lift consultation.

During your meeting in his Dallas office, Dr. Deuber will listen closely to your goals and desires regarding your breast shape and size. Together, the two of you will review photos of breasts that you admire. Then, he will perform a thorough physical examination, taking precise measurements, to assess the:

  • Degree and location of loose skin
  • Nipple position in relation to the inframammary fold
  • Breast volume
  • Skin tone and texture

The goal of the consultation is to choose the exact right procedure or procedures for achieving your desired breasts.

Types of Breast Lifts

Dr. Deuber will often perform a breast lift as a stand-alone procedure. In general, he will make an incision around the nipple, down the center of the breast and within the inframammary fold or crease beneath the breast. Some patients with only a mild degree of skin laxity may be candidates for a short scar or limited incision mastopexy in which the scar in the breast fold is shortened or even eliminated. However, every breast lift procedure is going to produce a scar. While this can be understandably off-putting, Dr. Deuber’s expertise, unique surgical technique and artistic eye deliver the least conspicuous scars possible. Furthermore, scars on the breast heal exceedingly well.

For patients with sagging breasts who have also lost volume, Dr. Deuber will combine a breast lift with a small breast implant which he will place through your breast lift incisions. An augmentation mastopexy is particularly common as part of a Mommy Makeover procedure.


Am I an Ideal Candidate for a Breast Lift?

The ideal candidate for a breast lift is any woman who is bothered by her sagging breasts and who is:The ideal candidate for a breast lift is any woman who is bothered by her sagging breasts and who is:
• In good overall health• Within 10 lbs. of a maintainable goal weight• A non-smoker
Smoking is bad for your health, particularly the health of your skin. If you currently smoke, Dr. Deuber requests that his breast lift patients refrain for 6 weeks prior to surgery as it can dramatically increase the risk for post operative complications and skin necrosis.

Breast Lift Procedure Overview

Before either of you ever set foot in the operating room, Dr. Deuber has mapped out every single detail of your procedure. This meticulous planning on the part of his entire team translates to a:

  • Better result
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Less post operative pain or discomfort
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved patient experience

 The latter is a huge component of the Deuber difference. He and his staff apply their years of training and expertise towards making your entire journey from consultation to surgery to recovery as exemplary, safe and comfortable as possible.

Dr. Deuber performs all of his breast lift procedures under general anesthesia at Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center, his on-site, state-certified and fully accredited day surgery center in Dallas. He begins the operation by re-tailoring your breast envelope, removing excess skin and lifting your nipple areola complex back to a more natural looking, centered position on your chest wall. He will then close your incisions with absorbable sutures and steri-strips.

Breast Lift Gallery

Why Choose a Breast Lift with Dr. Deuber?

As with his unique 24 hour recovery breast augmentation, Dr. Deuber uses the electro-cautery technique during his breast lift procedures which allows him to cauterize the blood vessels prior to cutting. This means that his breast lift operations have:

  • Virtually no bleeding
  • Minimal swelling
  • Significantly less post operative pain

Less trauma to the tissues of the breast means that you will have a much faster recovery. In general, breast lift patients can start returning to their normal activities within 24 hours.

Breast Lift Recovery Process

Breast augmentation revision cost is going to depend on which procedure or procedures that you need in order to achieve your desired result. However, secondary surgeries are always more complex than a primary breast augmentation with potentially longer surgery times and, therefore, higher fees. After your initial consultation, someone from Dr. Deuber’s team will sit down with you and discuss exactly what you can expect in terms of cost. So, if your breasts are not looking exactly as you’d like, make an appointment to come in and speak with us about a breast implant revision. In Dr. Deuber’s hands, you can finally get the breasts that you’ve always wanted.

To find out more about breast implant revision surgery with Dr. Mark Deuber at Lemmon Avenue Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, contact us today or call 214-220-2712 to schedule a consultation.