When considering breast augmentation surgery, it is important to think not only about the size and placement of the implants, but the degree to which they should project from the body. While it is absolutely necessary to discuss these factors in detail with a trained and trusted plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation, patients preparing for a first consultation should consider which profile might be right for them based on their body type and desired look. There are several different options, including low profile, moderate profile, and high profile breast implants.
Breast Implant Profiles - Dr Mark Deuber

Low Profile Breast Implants

  • Low profile breast implants are the widest. They are a great option for women who have a wider frame and want a slighter, more natural change.
  • Because they take up space on the chest, they usually give prominent cleavage, more so than with higher profile implants. Women who desire more cleavage may be interested in learning more about this option.
  • These implants not project outward as much as moderate and high profile breast implants. However, they are still highly effective at increasing the volume of the breasts and can give the right patient a beautiful silhouette.

Moderate Profile Breast Implants

  • Moderate profile breast implants are a compromise between projection of the breast from the body and width spanning the chest.
  • They are thicker and narrower than the low profile breast implant, but thinner and wider than high profile ones, and can be a great option for patients with a medium-sized frame.
  • Moderate profile implants provide a good balance of volume and cleavage.

Moderate Plus Profile Breast Implants

  • Moderate plus breast implants are a half step between moderate profile implants and high profile implants.
  • While cleavage is still achieved, the primary focus is on creating volume and roundness of the breast.
  • Because the base of moderate plus profile implants is wider than high profile implants, the look is a bit more natural in the right candidate.
  • Patients who are mostly concerned with size and perkiness, but also desire an improvement in cleavage often choose this profile option.

High Profile Breast Implants

  • Depending on the patient’s individual size, shape, and desired look, high profile breast implants may be recommended.
  • Women with narrower ribcages and smaller body frames are the best candidates for high profile implants because they take up less space, or width, on the chest.  They have the narrowest base, but are rounder and thicker than lower profile implants.
  • High profile implants typically produce the most dramatic curves of all the breast implants.
  • The focus is on the fullness of the breast; still, high profile implants can give nice cleavage depending on preexisting breast tissue and general body type.

Choosing the right breast implant profile for your body type and goals is key to the success of any breast augmentation procedure. Contact the Dallas practice of Dr. Mark Deuber to schedule a consultation and learn which profile type he recommends for your needs.