The Deuber difference is more than just a phrase. It’s a mission. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Mark Deuber, is committed to creating the highest quality patient experience for his Dallas area and beyond patients. This begins with an exemplary aesthetic result. An often over-looked component of this, however, is the recovery. Dr. Deuber embraces cutting-edge techniques such as electro-cautery, precise dissection because they deliver less post-operative pain which leads to a much faster recovery. In his 24 recovery breast augmentation procedure, patients are out to dinner the same night as surgery with no need for narcotic pain medication.

Faster Recovery

Having begun his career on Wall Street, Dr. Deuber embraces the efficiency model. Recovery is a cost. The quicker that you can get back to your daily routine, the less money you’ll spend on child-care, for example. As a busy working father and husband, he understands that time is our most precious commodity. This is why a cornerstone of the Deuber difference is meticulous planning. Every step of your procedure is mapped out before you ever set foot in the surgery center. This produces a higher quality result, faster recovery and less risk of post-operative complications, all of which save you time.

Attention To All The Details, Surgery and Beyond

Dr. Deuber’s attention to detail begins at your consultation. Gifted with a keen artistic eye, he is able to quickly discern exactly what you need to look your best. But when coming up with a treatment plan, he will always balance which procedure or procedures will best deliver on your desired outcome with your lifestyle, including your wallet. His goal is to help you achieve your dreams in the most efficient way possible.

The Difference

Dr. Deuber’s aesthetic is classic. This is important because it helps ensure a natural looking result that will stand the test-of-time. His love of design permeates every aspect of his life from his superior aesthetic results, to the delicious food that he cooks on his Instagram famous stove, to the home that he and his wife, Cary, designed together. This brings us to the last component of the Deuber difference – Cary Deuber. A partner in business as well as life, Cary is a Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant (CRNFA) and head of the Age Management Center. Together, they create an unstoppable team, able to offer you the full spectrum of both non-surgical and surgical procedures for the face, neck and body. She pushes him to work harder, and he grounds her with his astute business acumen. 

The end result is a better experience for you, the patient. And that’s what the Deuber difference is all about!