The most common desire among women today is a reduction in their overall body weight. Women today realize that there are a number of issues connected with obesity. As a result, individuals will notice more and more women hitting the gyms and practicing alternate techniques like yoga. However, the one area where women struggle to lose weight is in their breasts.
Today, it is not uncommon to see women with trim lower bodies and fat in the upper parts of their body. One of the best options available to remedy this situation is to opt for breast reduction surgery. However, the biggest deterrent is the costs connected with this surgery. Here are the five best ways your insurance provider can help you bear the costs of this surgery.

  1. Get a letter from the general surgeon – The main reason for undergoing breast reduction surgery should be proven to be for health reasons. This is where the general surgeon comes into play. He or she should specify the reasons for the surgery and how surgery will help. This should be backed up with medical tests and reports. Why are these important? Rarely will an insurance company pay for a cosmetic procedure. Hence, the patient needs to show valid medical reasons for opting for breast reduction surgery.
  2. Do not throw away receipts from your chiropractor – More often than not, the excess weight in the breast region causes a lot of stress on the back and the neck region. As a result, most women visit a licensed chiropractor to seek relief from pain caused by this stress. The payments made to the chiropractor should be used as proof that this procedure is not cosmetic in nature.
  3. Include receipts from the massage therapist – Along with realignment sessions with the chiropractors, regular massage is also recommended as a pain relieving technique. Patients who experience back and neck pain often undergo therapy with licensed massage therapists. Patients should retain the payment stubs as proof for their insurance claim.
  4. Get the details of the procedure from the plastic surgeon – All breast reduction procedures should be done by a licensed plastic surgeon. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. A qualified plastic surgeon will read the diagnosis prepared by the general surgeon and then suggest the remedial measure. He or she will advise the patient on the amount of tissue that needs to be removed from the breasts. Insurance companies require a minimum of 500 grams to be removed from each breast to validate the claim.
  5. Take before and after pictures of your breasts – Women with heavy breasts have a different posture than those with smaller breasts. Hence, the female patient should take pictures of their breasts from the neck down before surgery. Each of the pictures should have a date and time stamp on them. These pictures should show the positive impact of the surgery on the patient.

Remember, insurance companies are not against breast reduction surgery. However, the burden of proof is on the patient to prove that it was a medical procedure.